How to Promote your Business using Online Marketing Channels

Initial Planning for Your Digital Marketing Strategy

There are several key questions that must be answered Before you dive in. Your digital marketing strategy should ultimately pave the way for your long- and short – term business goals. Some of the questions would include;

marketing strategyPlanning

Who is my audience? They should encompass all the qualities you’d like to see in your ideal customers including:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Geographical location
  • Motivations
  • Challenges
  • Personal interests
  • Shopping preferences

Another useful exercise is to identify the type of customer you don’t want and avoid marketing content that may inadvertently attract them.

As you can see, a single digital strategy would not hit all of these areas so plan accordingly. Which resources do I currently have? Evaluate the digital resources you’ve already invested in and determine if they’re viable, need adjustment, or should be retired.

Identify Your Ultimate Goal

prior to creating your digital marketing strategy ensures you won’t be barking up the wrong tree. if you are looking to increase your site traffic or Decrease cart abandonment? Build your mailing list? Increase average purchase amount? Create greater customer loyalty? Enhance brand awareness?

Primary Digital Marketing Channels

1) Email Marketing

Email communication is one of the simplest ways to remain ahead of your competitors. Send meaningful company updates and promotions, ask for customer reviews, remind a client that they’ve left items in their online shopping cart, etc. Tips for email marketing: Personalize with recipient’s name. Time appropriately. The best time to send your email is in the evening or on weekends when people aren’t on the clock. include subject lines over 70 characters in length.

2) Social Media

Provides powerful tools to support your digital marketing efforts. Meet your clientele where they’re at using the various social media platform such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc. you can go live on Facebook or Instagram Stories and create a series, Post ‘tag a friend’ content incorporating it into a promotion, event or holiday.

3) Content Marketing

Including relevant and valuable content across your digital marketing platforms increases your chance of generating organic traffic. Use blogs, videos, info graphics, and whitepapers to draw customers to you based on search engine results.

If you have marketing pieces that have been particularly successful using one digital medium, you can reformat it and give it a slight refresh or adjust the language if it’s specific to its original use but if you’ve had success with a particular message, promotion or call to action, capitalize on it.

4) Mobile Strategy ( marketing)

A mobile strategy can take many forms, depending on the resources you have available. You can perform effective mobile marketing through social media and a mobile friendly website or, you can create an actual mobile application which is beneficial due to the customization possibilities.

5) Pay-to-Play Advertising (pay per click)

Lots of options here including paid social media adverts, pay-per-play audio ads, pay-per-click ads, Google Ad-words, etc. You’re essentially creating digital billboards! Except with a digital “billboard” you choose who views your advertisement, where to maximize your ROI.

Combine Digital Channels

Cross promote each of these marketing channels to be sure customers are receiving communications where they’ll be most receptive. Include links to your social media pages on each email blast,create and advert on social media to capture leads and contact information or drive traffic to your latest blog post by including a link in your most recent social media post.

The trick with digital marketing is to narrow your focus while casting a wide net. Sounds crazy, but rest assured this is simultaneously possible. What we mean is, each of your digital campaigns should have a very specific goal with a particular audience in mind and you should be running multiple campaigns at a time.



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