Web Analytics and Digital Intelligence


Digital Intelligence is the sum of technical, mental and Social Competencies essentials to digital life. It encompasses the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values needed to thrive on the online world. The confident in handling the challenges and demands of the digital era.

In today’s mobile, multi-device and multi-channel world, digital intelligence is the ability to transform digital data into real-time, actionable, customer- insights. This therefore impact business decision making.

Digital Intelligence therefore involves understanding your customers and how they are using website,mobile app and then, use this data to optimize their experiences. No matter when, where or how customers interact with the organization or business

The demand for digital life does not increase due to many devices that we use as tool.  The rise is due to the platforms, applications and experiences that these tools provide access to. New digital medium and platforms are being launched every year, and they hold on attention to the users is constantly increasing from all generation.

 The implications of digital intelligence on businesses

We are living in the digital age, where companies like Google, Facebook, Instagram and others, collect information to feed and inform algorithms, potentially advancing their knowledge. The advancements in technology is enabling businesses across the world to better target their audiences.

good insights require good data and human expertise to transform these data into large brand story. It is important to empower the leaders to make data- driven- decision.

Digital Intelligence as a backbone of Customer Experience Management

An effective CEM strategy allows marketers to improve content management. It creates a positive customer experience that improves satisfaction, increases revenues and strengthens engagement. This leverages digital intelligence to deliver the right content to the right person at the right time.

Every marketer need to understand what digital intelligence really means.

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