• These are behaviour which relates to organizational citizenship. The components of organizational citizenship includes
    • Sense of identification with the organization goals

    A good citizen of an organization is one who knows where the organization is going, what the organization exists for and is committed to promoting the same. This creates a positive organizational climate since everybody knows where he is heading to.

    • Involvement

    The feeling of involvement in an organization and actively involved in the activities of the organization. People who are pushing themselves in extra activities for the benefit of the organization is a good citizen.

    • Loyalty

    The feeling of loyalty to the organization makes a person to perform what is good to his organization and not to the other organization that he don’t belong to. Loyalty to an organization is a sense of believing in the organization that you are a member of more than any other similar organization. One should not expect a reward for being loyal to his organization. Being loyal to both the leader and organization is good.


    This are the activities that are offered and are not rewarded by the organization but contributes to the positive working of the organization. They are therefore a measure of a good citizen.


    • Interpersonal helping;

    Is how a person in an organization responds to others members need in an Organization. Good citizens will actually be helpful to other members in the organization.

    • Personal industry

    A person works hard and beyond his job description for the benefit of the organization.

    • Individual initiative

    Initiating things that makes the organization grow towards achieving its vision and mission. This is done by bringing in new ideas in the organization.

    • Loyal bosterism

    You become the marketer of your organization. This is achieved through telling people about positive things in your organization. This creates good image of the organization.

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