How to Setup an HR Department

Sounds like your firm is positioned for success! Now that your small business isn’t as small as it used to be. This means, that you need a  Human Resource Department.

What is HR Department?

Human resource department is a function in any organization. It is responsible for managing employees, personal data needs,and is also a foundation on on which expansion of your  company will be built on. Your small business’s HR department is much more important than you might think. it encompasses recruiting, screening, employee relations, training, and more. Building an HR Department within a new or established company is takes some work, but with a solid plan and the great advice learn Africa Solutions are always there to help you start one.

This function requires  people with immense efficiency who have an understanding of what a company requires and how it operates. Their job role is more than hiring the candidates for the company, they need to train them, impart the essential knowledge, rules, and regulations of an organization. So the importance of Hr department is always high.

Major Steps to take for a  Successful set up HR Department.

1. Staffing plan:

For an organization, it is important to pay attention to the key people they require in their firm. From senior management to the entry level candidates. A plan is required as per the job, which will be helpful while deciding for hiring.

2. Creating Salary Structure:

Salary is an essential part for an employee to work and stay for longer period of time for any organization. Therefore, ensure that your company is providing competitive salaries to their employees.

3. Organizing the Training for the Staff:

Every company has a different structure and way of working, therefore, it becomes important for the employee to familiarize with the company. Creating a training program for the new employees helps them to start working efficiently.

4. Performance Measurement Plan:

Usually it is the team head who looks into the performance of the employee. But to have an effective plan to generate key performance indicator (KPIs) will help to set the benchmark to know where the employee stands in the work.

The HR department should take the charge of deciding the performance benchmark of the employee because then they can track how the team is performing as a whole.

5. Employee Management and Replacement

Managing employees involves a few core principles:Selection- this is about choosing the right employees during the hiring process. Measurement – This is about determining how well an employee is performing or meeting goals. Monitoring – This is how you perform the measurement of employee performance.Interaction – This is the daily way you and your team communicate and work with each other.Reward – This is the result of excellent employee performance. Discipline – This is the result of lackluster employee performance, and may involve firing.

Employee replacement: It helps to have everything set up before the work day when people start coming in. Prepare a narrative (a short one) explaining the appearance of the new hire or temporary employee. This will answer many questions about why so-and-so is replacing so-and-so. It puts the focus on what the new person is doing and how they are qualified.


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