Live Beyond a Career and leave a Legacy

A legacy isn’t a legacy unless it is felt by the generations that follow us.

A legacy should be deeply considered. It takes on perpetuity and its how we live on after we a gone. If we think of our legacy as a gift. an intentional aspects of legacy the consequences of what we do now will outlive us.

What one leaves behind is the quality of one’s life, the summation of the choices and actions one makes in this life, our spiritual and moral values.

We all get opportunity to make a difference, Difference to something that will linger long after we are gone. In corporate world , which is rapidly changing and becoming more demanding , changes in leadership are much more frequent now than ever before.

So what are the steps in building a legacy?

1. We must Walk the Talk! 

We must live and breathe the values we support and believe in. Nothing in the world can create more credibility and trust than doing something we have promised no matter what the cost or the price we pay.

2. Identify What Matters and What Will Keep the Organization Successful in the Years to Come 

Look at the past, what has worked, what did not work, what made it so successful? What’s the core value of the company? What is so distinctive about the company? 

3. Create a Strong Vision and a Foundation.

Vision has very little value unless the whole company is aligned to it. Bring about a culture that supports the vision. As Sam Walton once said “Capital isn’t scarce. Vision is”.

4. Commit to It!

Commitment is about sacrifice. We should not get distracted in our quest to build an organization with a strong foundation of values. 

5. Build a Leadership Philosophy and Succession Planning.

Have a strong talent architecture to support the structure you have created. Recruit people better than yourself. Build a team where there is alignment of culture and character.

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