Striving for Customer Service Perfection

Strive for Great Customer Excellence

Attaining customer service perfection may be hard to gt but a worthy game to play. Make every attempt to be perfect through motivating your team always to strive for that goal, attainable or not. If they are always keeping that thought of perfection in mind they should always deliver a positive customer experience, assuring they never stray from customer service excellence.


Excellence is the quality of being outstanding or extremely good, The state of excelling, superiority or eminence. It means you are the best at what you do.

Being the best is difficult, staying the best in today’s competitive marketplace can seem impossible. Staying superior is a long and sometimes very difficult journey but is still achievable.

What is Customer Excellence (CSE)?

A practical tool dedicated to bringing high-level customer service concepts into common practice. CSE helps organisations put the customer at the forefront of their business. Excellent customer service is more than what you say or do for your customers. It also means giving customers a chance to make their feelings known.

It means you are the best at making your customers extremely happy about working with you. That is, your customers love you more than anyone else in your industry. Your customers seek you out and tell their friends about you. In their eyes, you are the best. To have enduring excellence, you must continually out innovate and outperform your competitors.  That is gunning for your top spot each and every day by ensuring customers are well served..

How to become a customer service leader!

Customer satisfaction has one sure thing, that is, exceeding expectations and how well it works. Positive staff attitude, business knowledge and experience clearly have an effect in terms of the customer experience. While operational efficiency and morale to increase productivity.

Five ways to become a customer service leader.  in order to improve customer service  in your organizations.

Essential points to note on Excellent Customer Service:

  1. Know your customers so that needs can be anticipated
  2. Build relationships with your customers
  3. Listen to your customers.
  4. Analyse all feedback you get from your customers and act on it
  5. Exceed the expectations of your customers
  6. Do your best and then improve on it. There is almost always room for improvement
  7. Never stop learning about your customers
  8. Never become complacent about your performance
1. Know Your customer and  their Culture

Great companies usually have one fundamental quality in common: customer-centric executives who communicate and focus on customers to the entire organization. Get into the habit of asking yourself and your teammates how specific decisions and processes affect the customer experience. Demonstrate balance and patience in every customer communication. Highlight and compliment colleagues for their positive interactions with customers.

2. Identify Other Customer Service Leaders

Leaders cannot reside in a bubble. They must be open to new approaches, constantly searching out fresh ideas and exchanging best practices. Seek out other customer service leaders, whether in your company, industry, or another industry altogether. The easiest way to find other customer service is through social media sites like LinkedIn and Twitter.

3. Be a Great Listener

Many people may say they are great listeners, but the reality is that most are not true active listeners. Active listening involves waiting for the speaker to finish and then paraphrasing what you heard to confirm accuracy. Not only does active listening help you more quickly resolve a customer’s concern, it also conveys you are being attentive rather than waiting to speak. Additionally, great listeners take action on what they hear; they endeavor to share their listening insights for the benefit of the organization. So do something about the negative customer feedback you hear; these are great opportunities to improve. Document the customer experiences you hear. Organize issues by topic. Highlight frequent grievances or even unexpected use cases that your company didn’t anticipate.

4. Encourage Leadership Within Your Organization

A true leader does one very important thing: lead! The more employees who embrace customer service and strive to become customer service leaders, the higher the likelihood your organization will succeed. So whether or not you manage people, get into the habit of giving compliments to employees who demonstrate excellent customer service skills. Publicly reward colleagues who go above and beyond. Mention exceptional performers to your superiors.

5. Strive For Consistency

“The secret of success is consistency of purpose.” Becoming a customer service leader takes implementing the above steps with consistency. It’s not enough to practice active listening or customer empathy some of the time; real success happens through daily practice. So if you’re committed to becoming a customer service leader, embrace customer best practices every day.

Importance of Customer Service Excellence?
  1. Provides value – 
  2. Retains customers –
  3. Creates endorsements –
  4. Prevents business failure 
  5. Reduces employee turnover –

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