Team Bonding – Inspire Cohesiveness & Commitment

Team Building 

Is a collective term for various types of activities used to enhance social relations and define roles within teams. Often involving collaborative tasks. It is distinct from team training, which is designed by a combine of business managers, learning and development/OD and an HR Business Partner. This is done to improve the efficiency, rather than interpersonal relations. Many team-building exercises aim to expose and address interpersonal problems within the group. Over time, these activities are intended to improve performance in a team-based environment. Team building is one of the foundations of  organizational development.

 High ROI in Team Building

Exercise will cost business money, and it is very difficult to measure its return. However, experts argue that it can be the most important investment that a business leader makes. Especially when they really go the extra mile, and put real money behind a team building experience.

Reasons and Benefits of Team Bonding

1. Setting Goals

This emphasizes the importance of clear objectives and individual and team goals. Team members become involved in action planning to identify ways to define success and failure and achieve goals. This is intended to strengthen motivation and foster a sense of ownership. By identifying specific outcomes and tests of incremental success, teams can measure their progress. Many organizations negotiate a team charter with the team and union leaders.

2. Role Clarification

It emphasizes improving team members’ understanding of their own and others’ respective roles and duties. Reduces ambiguity and foster understanding of the importance of structure by activities aimed at defining and adjusting roles. The members’ interdependence and the value of having each member focus on their own role in the team’s success.

3. Problem Solving

Identifying major problems within the team and working together to find solutions. The added benefit of enhancing critical thinking.

4. Networking, Socializing, and Getting to Know each other Better 

Socializing and making friends in the workplace is one of the best ways to increase productivity in the office. Not only does it increase morale in the office, it also allows for the office to work better solving everyday workplace issues.

5. Boosting Team Performance.

After completing team building activities together, employees better understand each other’s strengths, weaknesses, and interests. Understanding helps them work even better together on future progress vital to a company.

6. Competition

Competition has been shown to increase production. So, by channeling that increased production into a fun, inclusive team building activity. Employees can bond in a way impossible by other means.

7. Celebration, Team Spirit, Fun, and Motivation.

Celebration, cheering, and fun that come with every team Bonding event can motivate employees to bring their job to the next level.

8. Collaboration and the Fostering of Innovation and Creativity.

People tend to have a larger imagination when they are around people they are comfortable with. Successful team building events not only bring people closer together but they also lead to more successful and creative workplace ideas. Everyday workplace collaboration is key to a successful business.

9. Communication and Working Better Together.

This is main reason why people choose team building. Everybody wants a friendly work environment, where people are comfortable and happy to talk to and work with anyone.




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