To create a good organizational climate one has to have the people with high level of intelligence. This can be achieved through the following;


As people say that everything rises and falls on leadership, we need to know that everything rises and falls on recruitment. When you get wrong people on your team, it is difficult to succeed so you need to recruit right people.

When you have people with high emotional intelligence you have created a positive organization environmental climate. A person with high emotional intelligence looks at things objectively thinks objectively and creatively and is in possession of their own emotions. They don’t react to situations people emotionally but are able to evaluate a situation think of it objectively and come up with a solution that is based on facts rather than emotions.

People with high emotional intelligence don’t look at things subjectively and make solutions subjectively. For example; so and so has been promoted because he knows the boss. This is a form of a person with low emotional intelligence and this creates a negative organizational climate.

For a positive organizational climate, you need to recruit people with high emotional intelligence. To tell that a person has high emotional intelligence at recruitment level is difficult since people tend to pretend that they have high emotional intelligence .to test for this, observe how people respond to different situations emotionally. Read the book “lectures to my students” by Charles Pagion.


Here you need to develop your own people. It involves getting young people and training them on the positive ways of a good organizational climate. It takes a longer time to train this people but it’s better than getting a person with ten-year experience who will be messing up. It’s good to train new people since you will know their attitudes.

There are people who have been with low emotional intelligence because they have not got a person to help them develop their emotional intelligence. They can be trained on how to develop their emotional intelligence and change to become good people.

There is another group of people that have the desire but have no capacity to do. What they are desiring for it is their nature. When you take them through training their nature is such that this is how they will do things. They know what is right but don’t know how to do it. They have the desire but no skills. They can be helped through training.

The worst group of people is this. This people are deliberate; they say that this is just the way I am; they don’t want to change. They can cause a contamination in the organization hence creating a negative organizational climate. They should be removed as quick as possible.

Good organizational climate is where there is collective perceptions where people collectively finds that this is a good place to work in. This is part of organizational culture, how things are done in the organization. When the culture is changed the climate also changes.

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